With the power of science,
move the world forward.




Perhaps it is,
It may be a small realization like a coincidence or
or a mere inspiration.
But it could also be
It may be something that moves the world forward.


The Stellar Model

The Stellar Model is a new research support model for seamlessly realizing original academic research to social implementation.

Stellar Inventors

Researchers who combine unparalleled, unique perspectives and imagination with a commitment to ambitious scientific research. We call them Stellar Inventors.


In order for stellar inventors to make world-leading discoveries and inventions that no one else has been able to create, we provide comprehensive support, including research funding, to create an environment in which inventors can focus purely on their research.


By providing inclusive opportunities for people from different fields to interact with each other, we will provide new perspectives on research, leading to the early realization of invention and innovation.


Scientists can immerse themselves and focus on their research
to immerse and concentrate on their research.
and focus on their research.

Many individuals, corporations, and organizations have endorsed the purpose of SS-F. Together with you, we aim to become a platform that supports scientific research in a completely new way.