What is The Stellar Model?
The Stellar Model is a new research support model for seamlessly
The Stellar Model is a new research support model for seamlessly realizing original academic research and social implementation.

In Europe and the United States, it is common for scientists in their 30s~40s, when they are most active as scientists, to spend an average of 150-150 million yen over a five-year period on challenging research themes under the tutelage of various mentors and with a free spirit of inspiration.

By further developing this model and investing in the people who are responsible for the research themselves and in the human connections that develop from there,* we will encourage challenging research and development that makes the most of individual creativity.

Furthermore, by communicating the significance and value of the research results obtained in a highly appealing manner to people both within and outside of the research field, we will create results that are highly recognized internationally, which in turn will lead to the acquisition of research budgets and the creation of various opportunities such as joint research and entrepreneurial ventures.

We hope to establish such an ecosystem in the science industry, so to speak, in a style unique to Japan, and to disseminate it as a role model for Asia and the rest of the world.

Investment in the Stellar Model refers not only to research funding, but also to a wide range of support, including support for academic activities such as writing papers, strategic planning support for commercialization, sourcing of research environment, and back-office human resource support.


What is Stellar Inventor?

Researchers who combine unparalleled, unique perspectives and imagination to make a series of discontinuous discoveries and inventions that amaze the entire world. We call them Stellar Inventors.

We believe that the power of Stellar Inventors to inspire and involve many people, starting from their strong vision, will become the strong core of a community that creates social change.

Stellar Inventors.
Excavation Mechanisms

The Stellar Science database is stocked with information on more than 16,000 Japanese scientists, collected through our proprietary algorithm, including data on papers published and presented around the world.

When considering support, we focus on the individual thoughts and visions of the scientists through interviews and other means, while utilizing the database from here.

We do not rely solely on data on past achievements or biographies, but rather face each scientist individually to discover stellar innovators.


In order for Stellar Inventors to make discoveries and inventions that will leapfrog the world and that no one else could have created, we provide comprehensive support, including research funding, to create an environment in which they can genuinely concentrate on their research.

In most cases in Japan, researchers themselves are solely responsible for all administrative tasks such as management, accounting, human resources, recruitment, general affairs, and general affairs. In other countries, it is common for researchers to receive mentoring from senior researchers in writing papers and correcting research grant applications, but such opportunities are limited.

SS-F employs professionals who specialize in each of these tasks and provides a comprehensive support menu tailored to the needs of each laboratory.

Through these efforts, SS-F helps to create an environment in which stellar innovators can free up their abilities and focus on creative activities.

  • Back Office Operations
  • Human resources strategy (staffing and recruiting)
  • Academic strategy (papers, research funding, presentations)
  • Alliance strategy (licensing, joint research, liaison)
  • Matching operations (interaction with researchers in different fields,
  • investors, management personnel, etc.)
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Securing research space

By providing inclusive opportunities for people from different fields to interact with each other, we will provide new perspectives for research, leading to the early realization of invention and innovation.

SS-F provides a community where a wide variety of people, transcending generation, gender, nationality, research field, and industry, can interact, engage in lively discussions, and exchange ideas.

Through these activities, we aim to give stellar innovators fresh perspectives, thereby creating opportunities for disruptive discoveries and inventions to emerge.

In addition, through the new opportunities for exchange provided by SS-F, we will provide stimulating input to stakeholders and create contacts with industry that will serve as a stepping stone toward innovation and change.